Department of hyperbaric oxygenotherapy (Treatment with ogygen in hyperbaric chamber)

Head of Department: Petr DOŠEL, MD
tel.: +420 973 208 123 (102) (126)
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The chambers are located in the building of Institute of Aviation Medicine in the complex of Cetnral Military Hospital,
U Vojenské nemocnice street 1200, Prague 6 - Střešovice

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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a therapeutic method, based on inhalation of oxygen at increased pressure acting on a whole body. Basically it means breathing through a simple mask covering nose and mouth for a period of 90 minutes (once per day) with a minimum of 8 - 10 repetitions. The treatment takes place inside pressure chamber, which is a sealed room of massive design with windows and small, but sufficient internal space for 5 people (in our case). Thanks to various physical processes oxygen supply to the body increases. During HBOT this offer can be 15 times higher against breathing air under normal conditions. Hemoglobin in red blood cells becomes fully saturated and oxygen in blood plasma dissolves much more. The tissues receive up to four times more oxygen than during breathing atmospheric air.
Oxygen is an essential component of proper functioning of the organism. There are various diseases associated with its lack. There, HBOT can ensure oxygen availability and higher supply to the tissues. In addition HBOT has many other specific effects like reducing the size of gas bubbles, effect on tissue swelling, helping in fight against specific infections, repairing consequences after hypoperfusion, stimulation of wound healing, effect on growth of new vessels and connective tissue growth (neovascularization, fibroproliferation) etc. HBOT like any other treatment has its indications, contraindications, rules for proper dosage and also some side effects. Its use is consistent with current principles of EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) and the treatment of listed diseases is supported by scientific evidence and recommendations of professional societies.
Thus the HBOT is no universal treatment, but a modern method with specific use. Its application is a subject of appropriate recommendation of your practitioner or specialist.

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