Hyperbaric oxygenotherapy


Indication means a list of conditions and diseases that may be treated by a specific medical procedure (HBOT in our case). In certain situations the procedure has a supportive nature, while in others is irreplaceable or may be the only one possible. On other hand contraindication of HBOT means, that for some patients (medical conditions) treatment should not be used or have to be used with some precautions. In our facility we treat mainly patients with hearing disorders (especially sudden deafness) and patients with ulcers on lower limbs (mostly of diabetic origin). There are other diseases that can be treated with HBOT (see the list of Indications and contraindications bellow) but not all of them are possible to treat in our facility.

It’s a doctor who has the final decision about contraindications. Generally you may not be treated during active infections of respiratory system (cold, flu, bronchitis) and severe or decompensated diseases of cardio-vascular system. Also some patients with certain type of cancer or using some medication may not be treated. In our chamber there may be limitation for individuals with movement disability as well.

For any treated problem, there is an expectation of positive outcome. The result depends on various circumstances, reason for treatment and it is individual. You will be informed about the possible results and consequences of HBO therapy, but it’s always only an estimate. It must be remembered that "oxygenation" (and HBOT) is not some kind of a ultimate treatment that is beneficial at all times.

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