Hyperbaric oxygenotherapy


(by standards of Czech Medical Society)

Initial medical examination (duration approx. 1 hour)

  • is for candidates for scuba diving, who haven’t been examined for this purpose yet
  • is aimed to reveal conditions and diseases that could increase risk of health problem during diving
  • results is an expert conclusion, that the applicant is capable of diving in the range of recreational and sporting activities
  • is valid for 12 months from the date of issue

Periodic examination (duration at least 30 minutes)

  • is performed for the purpose of sporting activities, valid for 12 months
  • its objective is to evaluate possible changes in general health status and eventual problems during and after dives, which could compromise diver's safety

Additional (non-scheduled, extra) examination

  • is performed after major change in medical status (disease, trauma, surgery etc.)
  • is also carried out in the event of new health problems suspected to be related to some diving incident


The hyperbaric chamber allows simulating "dry" dives up to 80 meters (with maximal time up to 10 minutes) for up to 5 divers at a time. Divers may try and verify some of the body reactions to the increased pressure. For beginners (w/o any diving license) descends are limited by maximum depth of 20 m. Simulated dives are usually performed on Monday afternoon according to telephone agreement. It is necessary to have cotton clothes inside the chamber. Also it is forbidden to bring in electronic devices of any kind except specialized diving equipment.
During descent it is possible to feel equalization of air pressure in body cavities (middle ear via Eustachian tube, paranasal sinuses) and check the efficacy of equalization maneuvers (movement with the jaws, swallowing, Valsalva). It may be suitable for novice divers as well as for professionals after diseases or surgeries on affected body parts (mostly in nasal and middle ear region). If changes in the pressure arises some troubles or eventually pain it is possible to slow down or interrupt descend at any time.
There is increased narcotic effect of nitrogen in depths exceeding 40 meters. Limits of toleration are mainly dependent on suppressive effect on psychic (loss of judgment, skills etc.) which is essential for the diving safety. The depth when these symptoms may arise is individual and it may be beneficial to find owns limits in safety of the chamber. During chamber dives it is necessary to follow special decompression tables with accelerated decompression by oxygen from 18 meters of ascent (not applicable during scuba diving).

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