Hyperbaric oxygenotherapy


One session takes two hours and there are four sessions during working days (Monday - Friday) according to the regular weekly schedule. You will get more precise information, during ordering to the HBO treatment (by phone or personally). There are five places in our chamber. Most of the time they are all filled with various patients. Total amount of session is up to consideration and recommendation of HBO specialist and will be discussed with you before start of your treatment. Most of the patients have at least 8-10 sessions but in some cases it may be much more.

Session consists of several parts. At the beginning for about 15 minutes, the air pressure in the chamber rises (called "descent" or compression). During this period you can feel fullness in the ears (like e.g. when an aircraft is landing, or when diving to depth). It is needed to do some maneuvers (swallowing, chewing, "blowing" nose etc.) about which you will be instructed before start. Also, there is slight temperature rise as well.

After reaching planned pressure in the chamber you will put on a breathing mask (on nose and mouth) and breathe calmly oxygen until the end of session (this is sometimes also called "the stay on the depth", isobaric phase). You can read a magazine or a book. Electrical devices (cellular phones, radio, CD players and others) are strictly prohibited. Mask can be removed at any time and there is always possibility to communicate with personnel outside through permanently opened communication circuit.

During last 15 minutes of the session the pressure is reduced to normal values (decompression, “ascent”). Perceived pressure changes in this period are minimal. It is not allowed to leave the chamber (e. g. to visit a toilet) during the session. It is possible only in a case of an emergency (sudden health problem, complications) but it always take several minutes before the door may be open.

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